Monthly Archives : February 2020

Cheap instant loans – where and how?

Some consumers cannot wait long for a loan because the money is needed immediately. Urgent bills that have been issued unexpectedly often cannot wait long to be paid. In this case, cheap instant loans can be used in this case. This loan is also known as a lightning credit and is used very frequently. Where and how can the loan…

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Loans for the self-employed – fastest way

Self-employed people often have problems getting a loan. Due to fluctuating sales, the self-employed are simply not popular credit customers with banks. But even as a self-employed person, you have good chances of getting the desired loan for the self-employed, not least thanks to new banks entering the market. Many banks have even focused on this customer base. What is…

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Calculate credit card payments and costs

Still not sure how your credit card payments work? Knowing the specifics can help you make smart decisions and manage your debt: how the payment is calculated and how each payment goes towards reducing your debt (or not). Online credit card calculators offer some helpful numbers, but they don’t help you understand how the numbers work. Maybe you are considering…

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