How To Install & Play Podcast On Android?

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Podcast is getting into trend due to millions of awesome netcast (also known as episodes of digital audio and video) gives you a great variety and content of need. You can record podcasts on your mobile from anywhere. Many people still have the doubt that what’s podcast.

Well, it is episodic series; it can be digital audio files as well as the digital video files. Podcast is mainly popular among iOS users where they can download these podcasts and listen. However, Android approached it well and now; podcast is soft launched in few countries. There is a subscription required to listen podcast but some providers keep it free to listen.

The main benefit of podcast is automatic download of new episodes by using web syndication. If you are wondering that how to install play podcast in android then this guide will be helpful. You just need Google Play Music app to get started.

Podcast In Google Play Music

As mentioned before that Google play music is offering Podcast option. In order to access podcast, you need to-

  • Open Google Play Music app from the main men.
  • Tap on Menu icon in upper left corner (Three Horizon Lines)
  • Choose podcast option to get started.

Well, everything is done so you can search for favorite channel and look for new one. There are three methods to browse for awesome podcast and each one helps in exploration.

  • Check out the Top Charts either these podcasts have higher number of listeners or these are promoted.
  • Secondly, you can browse by using the All Categories option. Here, you will be able to check out the latest podcasts releases and old one also.
  • Finally, Search option comes handy and helps you look for the favorite channel or let you search the keyword to find favorite one.

These methods will help in listening favorite podcast and it allows you to look for the favorite ones with ease. There is just need to tap on subscribe button to get the awesome podcasts.

Alternative Methods

If you are willing to play Podcast on an Android device but podcast isn’t released in your country then some other apps can help. You can find so many applications on Google Play Store offering you awesome podcast from favorite channel and it also helps. You can browse for news, music and many other kind of podcast at one place and it is quite helpful. Even there is FM option available too.

To Wrap Up

Various methods are available and you can listen to awesome podcasts and the best one to rely is Google Play Music. You just need to browse the right channel of need and then subscribe. All the podcasts will be downloaded in future and it is the best benefit of it that’s why you can rely on it. You can also share the podcast via text messages, Facebook and the same goes for other social media. It is easy and quite reliable method to share favorite podcast with friends and others.